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Easton Charitable Trust


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The Easton Charitable Trust (ECT) puts on the annual Easton Festival of Trees to raise funds for non-profit organizations in the area.  While the ECT was formed to give back to the community, we also strive to bring the community together.  At the core of the Easton Festival of Trees, are  a variety of decorated artificial Christmas trees, in all shapes and sizes, in a plethora of themes.  We also offer attractions such as Carollers, a vendor Marketplace, a Kid's Day Event, and multiple workshops to bring friends and family together-just to name a few.   Decorated Trees, Wreaths, Gift Baskets, and other donated or sponsored items are raffled throughout the Festival.  The  drawings are held at the end of the day on the last day of our event and winners contacted subsequently.  


Every year we strive to make Festival of Trees  "The Happiest Place in Easton around the Holidays" for three 'extended' weekends following after Thanksgiving.  Community traditions and supporting local charities are what we are all about.  It's heartwarming to see people enjoy the Festival of Trees, while also knowing that they are supporting our endeavor to give back to local non-profits. 


Our website was designed as a central place to obtain any information you may need about the Easton Charitable Trust and Festival of Trees.   Our website is the place for you to go for everything you need to know about Festival of Trees, yet presented in a way that is not overwhelming.  We hope that through our website you will get excited about the Festival of Trees and what we do-before you even attend the event!  We love what we do and hope that our site conveys that to our readers!

Image by Kira auf der Heide


The Easton Charitable Trust, Inc. (ECT) is a non-profit organization based in Easton, Massachusetts, committed to providing financial support to individuals, families, and groups representing outstanding values or charitable needs in the Greater New England area. 

The Festival of Trees is the ECT’s largest annual fundraiser, as proceeds are distributed to a variety of predetermined, local non-profit groups working towards the improvement and enrichment, of the Southeastern Massachusetts community.  


Our vision is to continue to build upon the community tradition that we have created.  We aim to entertain our viewers, while advocating to the community, awareness of non-profits and their needs in our area.   We strive to have the community involved in many different facets of The Easton Festival of Trees to strengthen community spirit and involvement, while also raising funds for those non-profits.  

Image by Lore Schodts
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