2019 Beneficiaries

Cancer Care Community Advisory Board “CABbies” (Taunton) - local volunteers dedicated to raising funds in order to offer short-term financial assistance for members of our community that are actively in cancer treatment and are experiencing financial hardships due to their diagnosis;

Cory’s Cause (Taunton) – going from adversity to advocacy, the story of Cory Palazzi’s opioid addiction and disabling overdose hopes to educate individuals and their families about drug addiction, and provide support and resources for treatment; 

Easton Food Pantry (Easton) –providing food for over 40 years to needy members of the Easton community solely through the generous support of local churches, schools, organizations, businesses, individuals and families;

James Luke Easton Youth Sports Foundation (Easton) – committed to raising funds to pay athletic fees for children in Easton that would otherwise be unable to play sports due to financial issues;

Support the Soupman, Corp (Bridgewater) – a grass-roots campaign whose mission is to help relieve the pain and suffering of homelessness through food and supplies, while increasing public awareness and education;

Wild Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Program (West Bridgewater) – since 2009, this group has been transforming the lives of people with stress disorder, including veterans and their families, through the healing power of horsemanship.